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Wulfin Lieske als Komponist



After decades of engaging with music, I've come back to the roots: the roots of new beginnings. A constant is the classic repertoire – with free improvisation rippling out in ever-widening circles. And a modern mix of improvisation and chamber music, with at the moment, piano, guitar, Persian tombak, didgeridoo, with classic romantic arias and Mongolian overtone singing.

Throughout my musical career I have always sought the pure perfect guitar sound. Beauty incarnate – at one with the composition – it evokes the otherworld, a mirror of the soul. And here too, the worldly complement: the most famous of all guitars 'La Leona' – the masterpiece by Antonio de Torres, built 1856 in Seville. Of modest appearance, yet beyond price, it has been my constant companion on deep explorations of old and new music dimensions. Ideal and idol at once for the modern guitar, its nature is absolute, eternal.

My next solo CD is dedicated to it: the polyphonic music of the Italian High Renaissance, the Ricercari of Francesco da Milano and Bach's most famous solo piece, the Partita in D minor (with the Ciaccona) form the framework of my new 'In Luce' composition and combined with the same-name choral work, culminate in an Ode to Peace.



  • 2017 founding of FORUM LIESKE. "The Leona Series“ video-production. Composer album with works for piano
  • 2016 Composer album with works for guitar and guitarduo Composition of  concerto for violoncello and orchestra „Farewell Elegy“
  • 2015 Composition of violin concerto „Resurrection“
  • 2014 Composition of concerto for clarinet and orchestra "Angel's Ride“ WDR CD productions of romantic guitar music. (Historical instruments)
  • 2013 - Premiere of "Dreamtime" (Philharmonie Cologne, WDR Symphonie orchestra)
  • 2008- Formation of "Lieske Spindler Guitars" with guitarist Fabian Spindler. Recording 3 CDs.
  • 2005 - "Canto de la Leona" first recording using the famous Torres guitar „La Leona“ Tango Nuevo projects with Gidon Kremer, Astor Piazzolla, Rene Mariano Rivero and Haydee Alba.
  • 2000 Premiere performance of his oratorio "Über den Wassern" (EXPO Hannover with Hilliard Ensemble and Quartett Brosky Ritual).
  • 1989 - Beginning of seriously composing his own musical pieces. CD production of his three part composition Taqsim I-III.
  • 1986 - Contract for recording six CDs for EMI Classics. Awarded first price winner in international guitarcompetitions (Alicante, Gargano and Almunecar).
  • 1978 - First recording (Free Jazz quartet EXTEPORE. Masterclasses with Oscar Ghiglia, Jose Thomas and John Williams.     • Musical education at the Musikhochschule Cologne (Prof. Böttner, Prof. Käppel).
  • 1970 - First concert in the Abbey of Iona in Scotland.
  • Childhood and school years in Cologne/Germany.
  • Born in Linz/Austria.